Using CBD Oil to Treat Epilepsy

Cannabidiol or cbd for dogs is the second most commonly reported phytochemical. Cannabidiol is also known as CBD, cannabidiol, or CBD oil. Cannabidiol is a lipophlic phytocannabinoid found in 1940. It is only one of the nine identified cannabinoids in cannabis and constitutes up to 40% of the entire plant’s leaves and stems. It has been found to be useful for many medical and psychiatric diseases.

There has not been much research on CBD and anxiety disorders. One of the few studies to look at the use of CBD in anxiety disorders focused on patients with depression. The study compared three different formulations of CBD, all with different amounts of CBD. The findings showed that patients taking the highest amount of CBD, about two ounces per day, had the least improvement in mood and increased their satisfaction with life relative to those with the lowest dose of CBD. The authors of this study were cautious though, stating that more research is needed.

Another area where CBD may have health benefits is in the treatment of chronic pain. In a report issued by the National Institute of Health, it was stated that CBD can reduce the pain response when anesthetics are given to patients undergoing dental surgery. The authors of this report emphasized that further research is needed to support the claim of the reduction in pain response, noting that further studies need to be conducted on animals and humans before conclusions can be drawn concerning the effect of CBD on chronic pain. However, there has been some evidence that CBD may help to ease the symptoms of several types of chronic pain, including chronic pain resulting from arthritis or fibromyalgia.

People who use marijuana and other forms of cannabis, or who use CBD and view the symptoms of their pain as intolerable often turn to CBD oil to ease the symptoms they are experiencing. While there has not been a large amount of research performed concerning CBD use and pain, there are a number of anecdotal reports of people using CBD to help alleviate their pain and discomfort. For example, a YouTube video posted by someone claiming to be a former addict showing evidence of his success in combating pain and addiction to cocaine by “planting” small amounts of CBD. Many people report feeling relief from the discomfort associated with ailments such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, and many report improvements in sleep patterns and other symptoms after spraying a small amount of CBD oil on the skin or drinking a CBD beverage.

Perhaps the most important finding from the NIMH report is the finding that CBD is effective in reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in individuals that have experienced trauma. It has long been known that CBD reduces anxiety in individuals experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, so this finding is noteworthy. Post-traumatic stress disorder can have a profound effect on quality of life for individuals suffering from it, so this finding is important in supporting the use of CBD oil for treating the symptoms of PTSD. Moreover, since CBD is believed to increase the release of neuropeptides, which are primarily responsible for calming the body, this may also be used in conjunction with other pain management medications to treat patients with chronic pain. This is especially helpful for individuals that must travel from one location to another or suffer from debilitating disabilities that limit their ability to move around on a regular basis.

Currently, there are no published studies directly linking the CBD with the reduction of seizures in children with epilepsy. However, there was one study found that indicated CBD may reduce the risk of having an attack during an epileptic seizure by controlling the release of a chemical in the brain that is responsible for initiating one. Since the National Institute of Health is currently funding studies looking at the potential use of CBD for treating epilepsy and other seizure disorders, the one study found provides preliminary evidence that the herb may benefit those with neurological disorders. This further supports the idea that using CBD oil may be very helpful in many cases of neurological problems.

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