Home Tests For Sickle Cell Disease

Having sickle cell std test at home disease does not mean that you have to avoid going for home tests for sickle cell disease. It is true that the accuracy of such tests can be slightly less than those done in a hospital. The measurement of your blood count and the hemoglobin content in your blood sample are done depending on the guidance and measurement of a laboratory expert. These experts are medically trained and equipped with the latest equipment. Hence, they ensure the accuracy of the results obtained from home tests for sickle cell disease.

Samples are collected by pricking the skin with a needle or using a syringe for that matter. Blood samples are then drawn using the Sickle cell test strip that is inserted into a blood collection bag. The samples are then analyzed according to specific laboratory procedures. Sometimes, these are submitted for a post-analysis of the results to check for consistency. The laboratory analysis of these samples helps in getting a clear and immediate diagnosis of sickle cell disease.

Home Sickle cell test kits are available in almost all medical stores. These are simple and convenient to use and they help in getting immediate results. However, they do not help in obtaining conclusive diagnoses. The conclusive diagnosis depends on the analysis of the blood samples collected from the patients with sickle cell disease.

You could purchase a blood test strip from any good laboratory. However, it is recommended that you purchase an authentic kit as there are several imitations available in the market. The cheaper imitations usually do not work even after the warranty period expires. The authentic test strips are usually designed to measure the levels of hemoglobin A, B and C and they are capable of differentiating between the levels of the red blood cells.

If you have a positive result then this will be confirmed through laboratory analysis. However, it is always advisable to take a sickle cell disease test only when you are absolutely sure about it. There are several home Sickle cell test kits in the market which can be used by people who cannot afford professional medical testing. Many people have tested positive for sickle cell disease and there are also many who have been diagnosed with the disease but are yet to find out a conclusive diagnosis.

Home Sickle cell test kits are easy to use and convenient. There are instructions that can be followed by an average person. The results are received within days of the purchase. It is important to note that repeated tests should not be done as this may increase the possibility of false readings.

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