Kratom Powder: Is It Safe?

Kratom powder is derived from the leaves of the atom plant, which are used for pain management in Asian countries. However, it is legal in the United States to use for therapeutic purposes, so some wonder if it might have the same benefits for weight loss as well. Could use kratom powder help you lose weight? Could it be just as effective at relieving pain as prescription painkillers like OxyContin or morphine? There’s not much scientific data to support either hypothesis, but people who try it report varied experiences.

Some people have said that taking kratom powder makes pain and other ailments more tolerable, and in some cases they are gone completely. Others report that the atom helps with depression, anxiety, and other types of discomfort. Still others claim that kratom only gives them a mild “high” like coffee or other psychoactive substances, and that they do not feel any effects at all. The truth may lie somewhere in between.

People have used kratom for quite a while, even centuries, in Asian countries where it is used widely and with great ceremony. The leaf is basically picked, cleaned, and prepared for consumption several times a day, usually in the morning. Kratom is known to have a stimulating effect, but is not habit forming like many drugs that are used for pain. Click here for more information best kratom for pain.

Some medical professionals and therapists recommend kratom for people suffering from chronic pain and other ailments such as chemotherapy patients. Because atom can act as a natural detoxifier, those who use it for this purpose to say that it has no negative side effects. In fact, some claim that they experience fewer colds after using it than those who take prescribed medications. On the other hand, not everyone agrees. An anti-drug group called the Drug Policy Research Institute says that there is little evidence that kratom powder is effective for reducing drug use or addiction. However, the group did acknowledge that some who try kratom report positive experiences such as comfort and energy.

Since the leaves are picked and prepared so that they are ready for consumption, the powder could also be ingested. This could pose a risk however. It is highly recommended that kratom be diluted with water or other liquids before consumption. Doing so will make the atom less sticky, allowing you to swallow it easier and with a bigger range of benefits. This practice also makes the atom less likely to go through your stomach and into your intestines, where it could cause serious side effects. You should also avoid eating kratom powder straight; it will not only be difficult to digest, but also lead to a dangerous lack of nutrients in your body.

While kratom powder is not used alone, it is also not used in isolation. When you combine atom with another substance, you will increase its potency and bring along a range of new benefits. You can for example, combine kratom with hot milk or chocolate sauce to create your own personal cold medicine. Kratom is a powerful natural weapon when it comes to fighting off the many ills that modern society puts you through, so make sure to do your research before deciding whether to take it or not.

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